Top 5 thrilling places for Bungee jumping in India


Bungee jumping in India. If you are an adventureholic person and love adventure then you are in right place. Bungee jumping is the love of all adventure lovers. Bungee jump will bring butterflies in your stomach and the feeling is just amazing. Bungee jumping is jumping from a tall building, mountain, bridge, or helicopter when you are tied on an elastic cord. here we have collected the top 5 places for the best experience of Bungee jumping in India.


Bungee jumping in India

Rishikesh is the only place in India with the highest bungee jumping spot. Jumping heights is the place in Rishikesh where you can experience Bungee jumping. Jumping heights is the only place in India where bungee jumping is done from a fixed platform. You can experience a jump from a height of 83 meters, which is the highest bungee jumping spot in India.

Bungee Jumping height-83 meters

Minimum age requirement-12 years

Cost of bungee jumping– Rs 3500                     


Bungee jumping in India

Wanderlust, Delhi is the best place for Bungee jumping in New Delhi. All the equipment and staff in Wanderlust are from Germany. The bungee jumping cord is tied at a height of 130 feet on a crane. Since the staff is well trained you don’t have to worry and try this sport without fear.

Bungee jumping height- 130 Feet

Minimum age requirement-14 years

Cost of bungee jumping- Rs 3000


Lonavala is the safest and best place for Bungee jumping in India. Della adventures are the place where you will get to try Bungee Jumping. The most exciting part is after you complete the jump you will get a certificate certifying that you have successfully completed the bungee jump. It is a very popular spot for bungee jumping in India.

Bungee jumping height- 150 feet

Minimum age requirement- 10 years

Cost of Bungee jumping- Rs 1500



Ozone adventure is the place where you can try bungee jumping in India. Here there is no fixed platform to jump from, you will have to jump from a crane. You don’t have to worry that you are going to jump from a crane, it’s completely safe to jump.

Bungee jumping height– 25 meter

Minimum age requirement- 18 years

cost of bungee jumping-Rs 400


Anjuna beach bungee umping is the place for bungee jumping in Goa. The height is not so high, so it s the best place for the beginners. It is just 25 meter high tower. If you visit Goa then you must visit this place experience the Jump, because it is of very small height and anyone can do it easily. Goa is also famous for many other adventures, you can try that also.

Bungee jumping height-25 meters

Minimum age requirement-14 years

Cost of bungee jumping- Rs 500 

Tips for bungee jumping

  • Believe your Jumpmaster
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Don’t be nervous
  • Be mentally prepared for the adventure
  • Do not eat heavy before the jump
  • Don’t be scared
  • Relax mentally and physically before going for the jump.

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These were the best top 5 places for Bungee jumping in India.