Top Church In Chennai

church in chennai

Chennai is famous for its churches and it is the home of many Christians. First during the 15th century the  Portuguese, Dutch, French came to Tamil Nadu, India and they built some beautiful churches here. Churches in Chennai has very beautiful architectural designs, which attracts not only the people of Chennai but people from all over the world come and pray here. Here are some most wonderful and beautiful churches in Chennai. Top Church In Chennai.

Church In Chennai
Church In Chennai

1. Velankanni Church

Velankanni Church is a Roman Catholic Church located at Elliot’s Beach (Besant Nagar) Chennai. This Church is dedicated to Madonna( The Lady Of Health). This place has many stories of Mother Mary. The Church is small but you will love to visit this church, because of its beautiful architecture. People offer candles of different shapes here for example if you have some health issue related to your lungs then the candle shape will be in the form of lungs.

2. Thomas Cathedral Basilica

St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica is a Roman Catholic very famous Basilica in Chennai. The Church is built in Neo-gothic style and the beauty of this Church will make you fall in love with this place and also being very close to the beach it becomes the most amazing and beautiful Church in the world. The Church has a Museum with the fingerprint of the apostle and many paintings.

3. St. Thomas Mount

St. Thomas Mount located in Pirangi Malai is built in the memory of Thomas who was Apostle of Jesus Christ. St. Thomas used to pray at this place and also there are so many things to see here like the paintings and the awesome view. You can see a magical view of the city from this place.

4. CSI Holy Cross Church

CSI Holy Cross Church located at Siruvallur High Road was built more than 100 years ago. It is one of the oldest Churches in Chennai. Many people from all over the state come to visit this CSI church. Earlier this Church was known as the Perambur Railway Church as the Railway people were taking care of this church.

5. Christ The King Church

Christ The King Church is a Roman Catholic church located near Loyola College, Chennai. This amazing and beautiful church was designed by an Indian mason commissioned by French clergymen. This Church is the best example of Gothic architecture. It is on the Loyola College campus, every day many students attend mass before starting college. It is a very beautiful and important Church to visit.

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