Lets know what are the different types of hosting. Before starting lets know what is web hosting.

All the websites are hosted on a server, which keeps all the data of all the websites safe and secure. Hosting is managed by different companies. Web hosting provides a server, which allows your website to get searched on the internet.

  • WordPress hosting: WordPress hosting is the most popular one today. It provides the user with full security to their website, keeping WordPress up to date. And the best part is it is very easy to use, it doesn’t require any kind of web development knowledge to access and WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is just like using a small piece of software. There are two types of WordPress hosting
    • Managed WordPress hosting
    • Shared WordPress hosting
  • VPS Hosting: Each and every website with VPS hosting is hosted and is having a separate space on the server. VPN hosting provides users more storage space and customization.
  • Cloud Hosting: In this type of hosting thousand of servers work together to make a big huge server. The most important benefit of cloud hosting is, if at any point your website gets huge traffic, this hosting will handle the traffic and will not let your website to get the hang. If your website is having huge traffic, then this is the best hosting.
  • Shared Hosting: It is a very basic and simple kind of hosting. In this kind of hosting your website will share hosting and other things with different websites. It is very cheap and best for beginners. But the major drawback is it cannot handle huge traffic. It is the best cost-effective hosting plan.
  • Managed Hosting: Today most of the hosting available in the market is managed hosting, which gives security, hardware, maintenance, and full support. This hosting is best and secure.
  • Colocation: In this kind of hosting, people bring their own server and the company provides security and the internet. You will have to manage your hosting, data, security backup on your own in this kind of hosting.