Khandvi Recipe


khandvi recipe


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Ingredients for khandvi batter:

  • Bessan( gram flour) 1 cup
  • CurdΒ  Or buttermilk( 1 and a half)
  • Water-1 cup

  • Turmeric powderΒ  about one pinch
  • ginger paste – 1Tsp
  • Green chili 1 tsp

  • salt according to taste.

khandvi snack recipe

Ingredients for tempering:

    • oil 3 tsp
    • Mustard seed 1tsp

    • sesame seeds 1tsp
    • curry leaves

    • fresh coconut
    • coriander leaves ( chopped)
khandvi snack recipe

Recipe for batter-

  1. step 1 –Β  Take a bowl add curd, whisk it well and put some water mix them well.

    (This should not be any lumps in it)

  2. Step 2-Now add besan mix it well, and add turmeric powder, salt, garlic, and chili paste mix this well too.

  3. step 3- Now pour the batter into the vessel and while pouring strain it, to avoid all lumps.

  4. step 4-Now fill with one and a half cups of water and placed a cooker plate or stand.

  5. step 5 – Placed the vessel of batter but before placed it cover the vessel with a steel plate or aluminium foil. After that just closed the cooker and cook up to 5 whistles.

  6. step 6- Take a steel tray or plates and grease it with some oil.

  7. Step7- After 5 whistle turn off the gas (Do not open immediately, open after some time)

  8. step 8- Take out the vessel and mix the batter well.

  9. step 9 – Now spread immediately on over the top of the plates and let it cool down completely. ( spread some freshly grated coconut on it).

  10. step 10-Now by using a knife just cut it 2 inches horizontally nd from the middle for the perfect size.

  11. step11- next Roll them carefully and do similarly for all.

khandvi snack recipe

Recipe for tempering:

  1. Step1 -Take a pan add some oil, heat up the oil.

  2. step2 – Add mustard seeds, sesame seeds, chopped chili curry leaves, and add grated coconut no need to cook the coconut, just let it absorb the flavor of all present ingredients.

  3. Now pour the tempering on it.
khandvi snack recipe

Easy khandvi recipe Delicious khandvi is ready to eat.

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