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Places to visit in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is found by Lord Dalhousie in the year 1850. This place covers five hills Bakrota, Bhangora, Kathlog, Terah, and potreyn. A kind of Tibetian culture is followed here. The amazing cold climate of this place attracts tourists here. Super beautiful waterfalls, greenery, mountains, and cold climate makes this place so relaxing for the visitors. Here you can find many beautiful churches.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was born in this beautiful place. There is two places named after him is Dalhousie Subhash Chowk and  Subhash Baoli.

A trip to this place is worth spending your holidays in the middle of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forest, far away from pollution.

There are famous two waterfalls here  Panjula and Satdhara. Panjula water is considered for the best medicinal properties. People visit this place for tours and spend their time enjoying the waterfalls and beauty. Satdhara waterfalls are formed by seven water springs come together, and its water is believed to have therapeutic properties. Monsoon gives you the real beauty of this place.

St. Patrick’s Church was found by the British in the year 1909 and also this church is the biggest church in Dalhousie.

Mall Road, Dalhousie is the place where you find the market and can shop for woolen shawls, Tibetan handicrafts, and craftwork.

Bakrota Hills, a trekking spot in Dalhousie, a 5km trek through the forest will give you an amazing feeling. And if you visit this place during the winters, then trees and mountains covered with snow gives you out of a world feeling.

Famous temples in Dalhousie are Bhalei Mata temple and Bhulwani Mata temple. Bhilai Mata temple was built by Raja Pratap Singh Varman.

Places To Visit In Dalhousie

  1. Chamera lake: Around 25km from Dalhousie, the most important source of water to this place. During the monsoon, this Ravi river is filled with water and attracts tourists for boating and sightseeing.
  2. Panchpula: Panchpula is a waterfall covered by a forest of green pine. It is a popular trekking spot in Dalhousie. Water from five streams unites together to form this waterfall.
  3. Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary: Trekking in kalatop gives an amazingly thrilling experience. Trekking is the best method to explore the beauty of this place.
  4. Dainkund Peak: The highest point in Dalhousie, gives you a full view of the town. It is also known as the singing hill because the breeze through the trees makes a musical sound giving an amazing feeling. People trek and set camping in the peak to get the maximum beauty of Dalhousie.
  5. Satdhara Falls: Satdhara falls is covered by snow, greenery, and pines. Satdhara actually defines the seven springs. The water has medicinal properties to cure skin related diseases. People visit this place for picnics and enjoy bathing here.
  6. Sach Pass: At an altitude of 4500m and at a distance of 150km Dalhousie, it is one of the thrilling passes in Himachal Pradesh. It is a famous and adventurous trekking spot in Himachal Pradesh.

Adventure In Dalhousie

  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Rock climbing
  • Paragliding

How to reach Dalhousie

Nearest Railway Station: Broad Gauge Railway Station

Nearest Airport: Pathankot

Best time to visit August to March.

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