Places to visit in ooty


places to visit in Ooty

Ooty has the most serene experience with nature by visiting the Queen of hills of western ghats, Ooty located in Nilgiri district, Tamilnadu. 

Transportation: You can travel by train from your place to Mettupalayam, then take the Ooty Toy Train which is an amazing experience.
Or else, you can reach Coimbatore by air or rail, then take a private taxi or take a bus uphill.
You can also very well go by road if you are a person who loves road trips.
14 important places to visit in Ooty.


The government has allocated separate funds to maintain this 55 hectares botanical garden which is maintained by the Horticulture department of Tamilnadu. Flower show happens every year during the summer. It’s a colorful experience. You can see different types of flowers and their scientific details will be provided, different types of bonsai plants, and fossil trunk displays. On the whole a delightful place to visit.

Benchmark Tea and chocolate factory

It is a private company. The tea factory displays the machines used to make tea leaves to powder. It also explains the process of making the perfect tea dust. They also display various flavors of tea. In the end, the store is placed where you can buy your favorite tea. But before that, they provide you a small hot cup of tea to taste. If you like it you can head to the store.


Then comes the Chocolate Factory. It is located in the same place as the Tea Factory. You can see the display of varieties of Ooty’s special Homemade chocolates lined up to bring the inner child inside you alive. You can also taste a spoon of melted chocolate. It will definitely embrace your taste buds and you will right away head to the store to get your Homemade chocolates.


places to visit in Ooty

It is a big lake amidst the Shola forest. You can take a boat ride to have a look at the scenic view of this lake. It’s said that the tigers, lions, and deers living in this forest are spotted drinking water in this lake. The Pykara falls are located near the lake at 10 minutes distance. Again a delightful place for a water enthusiast. Kids will love this place. The waterfalls are about 50-60 meters in height.

Above the Pykara falls, a river originating from the Mukurthi river flows through the village called Pykara, hence called the Pykara River is the reason of Pykara falls and the lake. Across the Pykara river, a dam and a powerhouse are constructed for obtaining hydroelectricity.


The main reason you are taking a trip uphill to Avalanche is to visit a part of Bhavani Sagar dam, The Upper Bhavani. The journey and the destination both are equally beautiful. More than a visit, it’s going to be your favorite experience in Ooty.

You can either take a jeep ride or a bus ride. On the way, the driver/guide will be explaining everything about the place. There are few stops like seeing the cauliflower mountain, tasting the purest form of water from a mini falls (take a water bottle and collect that water in it because you won’t be able to drink such natural pure water in your lifetime again), a spot where you can see bison in their natural habitat, a small brook, and a temple and finally the Upper Bhavani, a spectacular view. Opposite to the viewpoint of Upper Bhavani, there is a slopy pine forest.

places to visit in ooty


It is a very huge Tea estate owned by a Bollywood actress Mumtaz and her husband Mayur Madhvani. We are allowed to go inside the estate and stand amidst the plantation. You can also take a picture dressed as a tea plantation worker. You can get your photos in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can go check out the store. Taste a cup of all the flavours of tea from chocolate tea, lemon tea, green tea to ordinary tea. Also, don’t forget to check out the Ooty spices. They are pure love. When you cook a dish using these spices they bring amazing aroma, texture, and taste to the food. 
From here, move forward, travel for 10-15 minutes to reach the hotel named ” Hilltop”. Well, the location of the hotel justifies the hotel name. It will be an amazing experience to sit by a hilltop and have your lunch while the clouds are passing by. Yes! You can feel the clouds touching you passing through you. It’s amazing!


A beautiful viewpoint from where you can see peak on the right side. You can spot a waterfall below the peak and a little below it you can see a water body like a lake, it’s the Bhavani Sagar dam. If you can’t see the peak in the beginning please wait for few minutes for the mist to clear to an admiring view. While returning back you can see a tea estate. It belongs to the former CM of Tamilnadu J. Jayalalithaa.


This museum consists of wax statues of famous people in history. From Veerappan to Abdul Kalam and the kings of India and the Indian heritage are beautifully sculptured.


You can find this tourist spot in a lot of olden South Indian movies, especially Tamil movies. A sloping landscape with tall Pine trees, a scenic view to take beautiful pictures, and have a peaceful picnic.


The 9th mile and 6th mile are located nearby each other (10mins distance). Again the tourist places you can find in olden Tamil movies. It’s a shooting spot. It takes a lot of effort, strength, and will power to climb the 6th and 9th-mile hills. But when you see the view from the top it will be worth all the efforts.


An important lake situated near the Ooty bus stand is good for a boating ride. There are a lot of roadside shops that you can check out.


A serene view, a good picnic spot to chill out with you beloveds.


Seriously and literally the definition for “Serene experience”. The collection of flowers is amazing. Moreover, the place is so calm with big mountains surround it. It’s a huge garden. We can spend 1.5 hours exploring the place. We can see the Ooty Toy Train track and nearby a small beautiful brook. You can drench your feet in the middle current of cold water and soothe your soul. You can choose this place while returning from Ooty. This should be the last place you will be visiting. It’s like dessert after a good meal. 

Trust me, a trip to Ooty will be worth your money, time, and energy.

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