Velankanni Matha

velankanni matha
velankanni matha

velankanni matha

Velankanni church is well known holy place for Christians. It is located at the sandy shores of the Bay of Bengal. It is nearly 350 km from Chennai. Mother Mary came here with the baby JESUS. Velankanni is also known as Lourdes of the East. Not only Christians all other religion people visit this church and pray to Mother Mary.

This church is a very famous Roman Catholic pilgrim Centre and lakhs of people visit this place for blessings from Our Lady of Good Health ( Mother Mary).

Velankanni is the place of one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimages in India.

This place is filled with belief that, it cures and heals all the problems of the pilgrims. Small babies are brought here for mundan and ear piecing ceremony also. People near this church celebrates Arokkaiyamatha Festival every year for ten days from the 29th of august to the 8th of September. It is known that around 10 million people visit this place in a year and 3 million from this visit during this festival.

Visiting this place will give you immense peace and heal you from pain.

Mass Timing

  • 5.40 Am: Morning Prayer (Main Shrine)
  • 6.00 Am: Mass in Tamil (Main Shrine)
  • 7.00 Am: Mass in Tamil (Lower Basilica)
  • 8.00 Am: Mass in Telugu (Upper Basilica)
  • 9.00 Am: Mass in Malayalam (Lower Basilica)
  • 10.00 Am: Mass in English (Lower Basilica)
  • 11.00 Am: Mass in Hindi (Upper Basilica)
  • 12.00 Noon: Mass in Tamil (Lower Basilica)
  • 6.00 Pm: Mass in Tamil (Lower Basilica)

Places To Visit In Velankanni

  • Velankanni church
  • Handicrafts and silk shopping near the beach
  • Velankanni beach
  • Velankanni church museum

How to reach Velankanni

Nearest Railway Station: Nagapattinam.

Nearest Airport: Tiruchirapalli.

From these stations, the only way to reach Velankanni is by road.

Since Velankanni is situated in Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu has a hot climate in summers.

So winters from October to February are considered the best time to visit this place. But people visit this place throughout the year.

velankanni matha

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